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Asteropee, 1 pattern / 4 options for a feminine & sensual silhouette

Pattern Asteropee - Dress - 34/48 (US/UK: 2/6, 16/20) - Advanced

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Coralie Bijasson invites you to creation.

Coralie Bijasson is the author of around fifteen sewing books published by a number of publishing groups, and is a qualified pattern designer with the AICP. You are invited to discover her many sewing patterns for women.

Dresses, jackets, jumpsuits, pants, tops and skirts too. From trendy to classic, from chic to fashion, from smart to casual, it's up to envy.
It's a jumble of sewing patterns, from easy to expert, from size 34 (US/UK 2/6) to size 56 (US/UK 24/28), there is something for every taste and every level of sewing.
So get your needles out !
Patterns designed in France. Patterns for strictly personal and private use. Any representation or reproduction in whole or in part, made without the consent of Coralie Bijasson, is unlawful. (Law of March 11, 1957, paragraph 1 of Article 40). Any resale of clothes from models "Coralie Bijasson" is illegal without the consent of Coralie Bijasson..

how are our patterns created

Coralie Bijasson® offers a new sewing pattern every month. Graduated from AICP in women's fashion design in 2009, Coralie is the mind behind each pattern. Here is her creative process. After getting an idea for a design, the creator models the pattern on a mannequin and creates prototypes. Then comes the translation onto paper, digitalization, and grading. Coralie illustrates the pattern with explanatory drawings, creates the booklets that accompany the patterns, and conceptualizes the PDFs. Finally, Coralie produces tutorials that you can find on the brand's YouTube channel!