By making sewing pattern pockets or by allowing you to print our PDFs at home, Coralie Bijasson ® is a big consumer of paper and therefore of CO2.

Anxious to offset these CO2 emissions, Coralie Bijasson ® chose Tree Nation to help her meet this challenge.

Tree-Nation is a non-profit organization that allows citizens and businesses to plant trees all over the world and offset their CO2 emissions.
Since 2006, thanks to its reforestation and conservation projects it helps to restore forests, create jobs, support local communities and protect biodiversity.

In 2022, we have taken the resolution to plant trees to offset 100% for our sewing pattern enveloppes but also the PDFs that you print at home.
We also plant trees to offset emissions related to our company having employees and a website.

We started, in January 2022, by planting more than 1000 trees, mainly in Madagascar. This must compensate for our activity since its creation in 2015.

With every purchase you make, Tree Nation will plant trees.
You can at any time consult the number of trees planted by Coralie Bijasson ® as well as their location.

We hope that this approach will make as much sense for you as it does for us.

You can have a look on the trees already planted following the link below