Explore our collection to find the inspiration and techniques you need for your sewing projects.

Larousse, Dessain et Tolra Books:

1. Dressing idéal à coudre pour les rondes, Février 2021

   - 12 patterns to create a wardrobe suitable for larger sizes. Detailed explanations and full-size patterns included.

2. Ne pas déranger, je couds!, Mars 2018

   - 30 simple patterns to create without templates, perfect for beginners. Clear and illustrated explanations for each project.

3. Ne pas déranger, je couds, mon Dressing Idéal, Février 2020

   - A collection of simple sewing patterns without templates. Various models for a unique wardrobe.

4. C'est moi le patron, Coralie Bijasson, Septembre 2016

   - Pattern kits accompanied by explanatory booklets to create elegant pieces: Anne Dress, Agathe Dress, Alicia Dress, Ninon Jacket.

Marie Claire Editions Books:

1. Couture femme toutes saisons, Coralie Bijasson, Octobre 2018

   - 15 garments for the whole year, with 4 models per season. Detailed explanations, diagrams, and full-size patterns included.

2. Cadeaux de naissance à coudre, Coralie Bijasson, Février 2017

   - 22 objects, clothes, and accessories for babies, ideal for decorating their room and their first months. Step-by-step explanations for each model.

3. Atelier machine à coudre enfants, Mes premières réalisations à partir de 7 ans, Coralie Bijasson, Avril 2016

   - A complete sewing guide for children from 7 years old. 30 lessons with simple, child-friendly projects, classified by themes.

4. Le manuel complet de la couture facile:

   - Comprehensive guide answering questions about fabric choices, threads, needles, and optimal use of the sewing machine.

   - Includes 120 lessons with photos and illustrations, suitable for all levels, as well as tips and tricks to solve common problems.

   - Suitable for beginners and experienced sewers.

5. Atelier machine à coudre pour les enfants et les ados :

   - A book allowing young creatives from the age of 7 to make their own projects using a sewing machine.

   - Various models including cushions, covers, bags, skirts, and tops, with simple explanations and illustrated diagrams.

6. Couture hivernale 19 projets chauds et confortables:

   - Offers a selection of 20 clothing items and accessories to stay stylish while staying warm during winter.

   - Detailed, illustrated step-by-step explanations, as well as a pattern sheet included, ranging from size 34 to 46.

Hachette Books:

1. Mes carnets de couture, Dressing chic revisite les 70'S, Cécile de Chatillon et Coralie Bijasson, Juin 2013

   - 18 clothing and accessory models inspired by the 70s, such as flare jeans, tie-collar blouses, fluid dresses, Woodstock tunics, capelines, etc.

   - Full-size patterns from 36 to 44, with illustrated explanations for each model.

2. Mes carnets de couture, Miss Couture, Cécile de Chatillon et Coralie Bijasson, Août 2012

   - 17 trendy clothes to sew for teenage girls from 8 to 14 years old, including skirts, dresses, bags, tunics, etc.

3. Mes carnets de Couture, Dressing Chic, Cécile de Chatillon, Pauline de Saint Lager, Coralie Bijasson, septembre 2011

   - 18 models of tops, tunics, jumpsuits, cape shorts, kimono dresses, etc., suitable for year-round wear.

   - Full-size patterns (S36/38, M38/40, and L40/42) and detailed explanations for each piece, ideal for beginner or experienced sewers.

Mango Books:

1. Robes, 4 créatrices, 8 robes, une infinité de possibilités, Charlotte Auzou, Pauline Alice, Coralie Bijasson, Orageuse, Mai 2018 :

   - Allows you to make custom designer dresses with 8 trendy models.

   - The designers present unique and accessible models with 2 sheets of full-size patterns, ranging from size 34 to 44.

   - Ideal for sewers looking for new challenges and inspiring models.

2. Jolies tenues pour Jolies Bobines :

   - This book guides you to create your own clothes with the tips of an experienced seamstress, Julie, also known as Jolies Bobines.

   - It offers 9 urban outfit models, including skirts, shorts, tops, and bags, with step-by-step instructions illustrated by photographs.

   - You will also find specific tips and techniques to confidently tackle aspects like sewing jersey or leather, as well as welt pockets.

   - The book is accompanied by 2 sheets of full-size patterns, available in six sizes (from 34 to 44) to fit all body types.

3. Le vestiaire des créatrices couture :

   - This book offers you a selection of 20 models imagined by 14 couture designers, taken from the iconic Atelier Couture collection.

   - The models include a variety of wardrobe essentials such as tops, skirts, dresses, jackets, and coats, allowing you to create a complete wardrobe.

   - It's a source of inspiration to sew and wear handmade clothes throughout the year.

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