Creative and talented, you trust me.

You make me the immense pleasure of sublimating my patterns.

A big thank-you!

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Annexe Dilettante 

Marielle sews for more than twenty years. Initially, she sewed for her three daughters. But as they grew up, they did not want clothes made by Mom anymore. After a few years of couture break, Marielle discovered Japanese books and the modernity of models and photos: a revelation that made her want to sew again but for her this time!

Salomé par l'Annexe Dilettante

Annie Coton

Annie coton is both a blogger and the talented creator of the site Artesane.

Nathalie par Annie coton

Auguste & Septembre, it's a little nod to the birth months of his boys. You'll find smiles, dresses, shirts, little tops, skirts.

Patrick par Auguste et Septembre Aglaé par Auguste et Septembre Elodie par Auguste et Septembre Narcisse par Auguste et Septembre  Blouson Nicoletta par Auguste et Septembre

Bee made 

It's been 5 years since Barbara created her blog. Barbara lives in Troyes with her two grown-up daughters and her husband. Couture, knitting, cooking ... Barbara invites us to share her universe made of colors, materials, beautiful finishes but especially full of freshness and pep!

Anais par Bee Made Agnès par Bee Made Adeline par Bee Made Aurore par Bee Made  Amandine par Bee Made Natasha par Bee Made Amazone par Bee Made Alexandra par BeeMade Patrick par BeeMade Elodie par BeeMade Aglaé par BeeMade Sandrine par BeeMade

Emma par BeeMade Anastasia par BeeMade


Cousette Chérie

Her adventure in the "couture" blog has started as a duet with her friend Julie and the blog Atelier Svila where you could discover their achievements and adventures every week for more than two years. Today, she starts solo and she intends to continue to share with you her passion for sewing and more broadly creative activities.

Elodie par Cousette chérie 

Robe Ariane par Cousette chérie

Coquelicot et menthe à l'eau

Fanny is a Dijon orthophonist who loves her job and her patients ... but she is also a passionate amateur seamstress. Fanny discovered couture in 2012. Sewing became a real passion, an outlet, a decompression chamber ...

Alicia par Coquelicot et menthe à l'eau


Agathe par Dangoumette

Huguette Paillettes

Clemence was lucky to have a mother who introduced her to sewing and knitting very young. At 25, she receives a sewing machine and since she stitches, she creates, she imagines ... for our greatest happiness!

Nora par Huguette Paillette Eva par Huguette paillette Amazone par Huguette Paillette

Eva par Huguette Paillette

Jacqueline dé fil

Jacqueline loves life! She is the mother of a little girl of almost 3 years old (thanks to whom she discovered sewing),
Jacqueline loves to sew, knit, embroider, crochet, hack ... but not only because Jacqueline has intense days between teaching skiing and her hair salon!
Jacqueline is self-taught, she likes beautiful patterns to improve, learn new techniques and beautiful stuffs for metiers.

Nadine par Jacqueline Dé fil Adélie par Jacqueline Dé Fil Nadine par Jaqueline Dé fil     

Jolies Bobines 

Julie is passionate about fashion, photography and especially couture. She lives in Paris with her 8 year old daughter. I had the chance to collaborate with her on her book Jolies Tenues par Jolies Bobines for which I made the patronages.

Ninon par Jolies Bobines Sandra par Jolies Bobines Ambre par Jolies Bobines


Virginie has 5 children, she lives in Brittany. Virginie sews, knits but also embroiders! She sews for her, but also for her children. Virginie has an overflowing creativity that she shares with us through her blog and her beautiful images of Brittany.

Elise par Joviana Nadine par Joviana Eliane par Joviana Natasha par Joviana Agnès par Joviana Astrid par Joviana Nathalie par Joviana Amélie par Joviana Alexandra par Joviana Patrick par Joviana Adeline par Joviana Nadia par Joviana Armelle par Joviana Anastasia par joviens 

Robe Alix par Joviana 

Pantalon Paloma par Joviana

Kokechic who is also 36 Bobines !

Sylvie%20par%20Kokechic.jpg Eva par Kokechic Sandrine par Kokechic Paul par Kokechic


Karine is lucky enough to have a mother who has transmitted her little creative passions! Drawing, beads, crafts of all kinds and decor ... and it is therefore natural that she began to sewing.

Alicia par Kreafond Ninon par Kreafond

L'atelier Alicia

Alicia is 26, she has been a fashion fan for a long time. Alicia naturally started sewing two years ago, she is now completely addict and especially very talented! His style is rather sober but always associated with some details that make his pieces unique!

Nadine par l'Atelier d'Alicia Adélie par l'Atelier d'Alicia Ninon par l'Atelier d'Alicia Alexandra par l'Atelier d'AliciaAlicia par l'Atelier d'Alicia Amazone par l'Atelier d'Alicia Amandine par l'Atelier d'Alicia Nora par l'Atelier d'Alicia Sylvie par l'Atelier d'Alicia Astrid par l4atelier d'Alicia Armelle par l'Atelier d'Alicia Annabelle par Alicia Patrick par L'Atelier d'Alicia Elodie par l'atelier d'Alicia Narcisse par l'atelier d'Alicia Emma par Alicia

L'atelier d'Angie

Alexandra par l'Atelier d'Angie Alexandra par l'Atelier d'Angie 2 Amazone par l'Atelier d'Angie Amazone par l'atelier d'Angie Robe Eliane par l'Atelier d'Angie Elise par l'Atelier d'Angie Aurore par l'Atelier d'Angie Alexandra par l'Atelier d'Angie

L'atelier Svila

Atelier Svila was born in 2015, from the duet between Mélanie and Julie to share their passion for sewing and learn from each other their little creative tricks. In 2017, the duo launches two separate blogs: l'atelier Svila and Cousette Chérie.

Amandine par Atelier Svila Emma par Atelier Svila

Le bazar d'Anne Charlotte

Anne-Charlotte loves colorful and sparkling seams.

Nelly par le Bazar d'Anne Charlotte Elodie%20par%20le%20bazar%20dAnne%20Char Ninon par le Bazar d'Anne Charlotte

Le coussin du singe

Le labo d'Isa

Isabelle is 36 years old, mother of three children and training architect. She sews and I have a blog for 6 years. For clothes, Isabelle likes simple, effective and well-cut shapes, which make it possible to compose a really portable wardrobe every day. for Isabelle, the Eva blouse is a very good example!

Eva par le Labo d'Isa Eva par le Labo d'Isa Astrid par le labo d'Isa Patrick par le Labo d'Isa Nadia par la labo d'Isa Emno par le Labo d'Isa Nolwenn par le labo d'Isa 

Les folies d'Emilie

Emilie started sewing two years ago. His favorite material: "neoprene"!

Alicia par les folies d'Emilie

Les Lubies de Louise

Lise Tailor

Lise is 32, she is the mother of two boys, she works in digital marketing and lives in Lyon with her men and her cat.
And as soon as she has free time ... she sews and knits! she does not stop !!

Nora par Lise Tailor Amazone par Lise Tailor 


Bénédicte fell in couture at the same time that she stopped working to look after her children (almost 9 years ago). Today, sewing is an integral part of her life (she struggles to spend a day without using her machine even if it's to sew 15 minutes!)

Alicia par Louanje Eva par Louanje Amazone par Louanje

Mahee Charles

Ambre par Mahee Charles


Minau by Babaya

Mélanie is 37 years old, 3 children. She has been living in Thailand for almost 3 years. Mélanie sews for about 8 years, she is passionate of sewing, fabric addict, globe trotter ...

Nelly par Minau by Babaya


Anne is 40, she lives in Lyon. Anne sews since the age of 7 years. In addition to an intense professional life, she sews, she creates, she blogs, in short she is hyper active. His leitmotive "To each his style!" and especially to have fun while sewing. Anne always has the detail that makes the difference.

Amélie par My Dress Made Eva par My Dress Made Anaïs par My Dress Made Anne par My Dress Made Nathalie par My Dress MadeNora par My Dress Made Adeline par My Dress Made Alicia par My Dress Made Nolwenn par My Dress Made Aurore par MyDressMade Amazone par My Dress Made Natasha par My Dress Made Adélie par My Dress Made 

Nadia par My Dress Made Nadia par MyDressMade Aglaé par MyDressMade Anastasia par My dress Made 

Naima par My dress Made 

Albane par My Dress Made

Pas de pacotille

Agathe is 26, she is passionate about couture and fashion. She is in love with colors and especially pink! Agathe is super talkative and super enthusiastic, she is crazy about handmade of all kinds.

Amazone par Pas de Pacotille Nora par Pas de pacotille Astrid par Pas de pacotille Perrine par Pas de pacotille

Poupette s'amuse

Thread and Needles

Une poulette in the city

Laetitia is from Nantes, self taught and addict to sewing and since she sews she buys very few clothes!

Nolwenn par Une poulette in the city Amazone par une poulette in the city


Two years ago she did not even know how to sew a button and she started as a total autoditact in sewing because she had seen on the social networks what could make girls who started in the adventure. And today she is totally addicted !!

Project Director in Computer Science, she was naturally informed and trained through the many tutorials and advice found via the Internet (and yes we do not remake ... we remain hooked on his screen when we are not on his MAC) .

It can be found on Pinterest under the name @Domartine and she has a page (modest) dedicated to sewing on facebook @WeekCoon

Annabelle par weekcoon Annabelle par Weekcoon Elise par Weekcoon Anaïs par Weekcoon Espérance par Weekcoon Nuage par Weekcoon 

ALIX PAR WEEKCOON NOUR PAR WEEKCOON Naïma Elvira Ermine Estelle Albane


7embre has a pronounced taste for needlework but especially sewing. As a child, she made dresses for her dolls. Teenager, she customized her clothes to give them a unique side and she dreamed of model making ...

Eliane par 7embre