The Annie dress : between simplicity and sophistication

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This sewing pattern allows you to create a gracefully backless dress. In this article, we unveil all the details about this irresistible dress, as well as Coralie's diverse inspirations!

A seductive backless design with delicate ties:

The Annie dress stands out with its backless silhouette, subtly revealing the beauty of the feminine form. The plunging neckline and delicate ties add a sensual and captivating touch to the overall look. Whether you want to turn heads at a special event or simply feel confident and alluring, this dress will enhance your silhouette with charm and subtlety.

The fluidity of the dance-inspired skirt:

With its mid-calf length, the skirt adds an element of elegance and lightness to your stride. If you choose to create it with flowing and ethereal fabrics, it can create an enchanting movement. This skirt will make you feel graceful and elegant.

Coralie's inspirations:

After visiting the Christian Dior exhibition, Coralie found inspiration in the timeless beauty and impeccable craftsmanship of Dior's designs. The attention to detail and the artistry displayed in the garments sparked Coralie's creativity and influenced her approach to creating the Annie dress. Drawing from the elegance and femininity that defined Dior's iconic pieces, Coralie infused these elements into the design, resulting in a dress that exudes grace and allure.

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