Discover the Ninon Jacket: Contemporary Elegance with Historical Touches.

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 The Ninon Jacket , with its peplum cut and high neckline, embodies elegance in its most refined form. It enhances the waist, flatters the silhouette, and bestows a graceful allure upon those who wear it. Versatile, it adapts equally well to special occasions as it does to casual outfits, adding a sophisticated touch with the Amicie dress or a casual note with the Penelope pants and Emno T-shirt.

Inspired by the Basque region's folklore piece, the modern peplums emphasize the waist and accentuate the hips, creating an alluring feminine silhouette. This element was showcased in iconic creations like Christian Dior's Bar jacket in 1947.  

Worn with fitted skirts, peplums balance the silhouette by highlighting the waist and hips, adding subtle sensuality to movements. After a more discreet period in the 1960s, they made a triumphant comeback in the 1980s thanks to Thierry Mugler, who boldly incorporated them into corsets, jackets, and waist cinchers, pushing the boundaries of femininity.  

The Ninon Jacket pattern, available in sizes 34 to 56 and at a medium skill level, celebrates the diversity of body types and allows budding seamstresses to create a piece that seamlessly combines the heritage of peplums with modern elegance.

In summary, the Ninon Jacket is more than just clothing: it is a tribute to the history of fashion and the evolution of femininity. By wearing it, every woman takes ownership of a piece of this history while expressing her personal style, proving that fashion is a timeless art in constant reinvention.    

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Béatrice - 2023-09-10 12:09:34

Très bonne idée de nous parler de l'origine de ce style de couture très élégant. Belle inspiration ! Merci !