Discover the New December Boss: The Anatoline Dress

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Discover the New December Pattern: The Anatoline Dress

December brings a fresh wave of creativity and style with our latest addition to the sewing pattern collection: the Anatoline Dress. Designed for sewing enthusiasts, the Anatoline Pattern offers an elegant dress in sizes 34 to 48, ensuring a perfectly tailored fit for every silhouette.  

This pattern highlights the art of details, especially on the sleeves, where elegant pleats create a distinctive pattern. These clever pleats at the sleeve head harmonize beautifully with medium-weight fabrics, bringing subtle sophistication to the overall dress. Personalize your look by choosing between two lengths, midi or short, to match your personal preferences and the occasion. This versatility makes the Anatoline Dress suitable for a chic evening or a casual day, making it a wardrobe essential. You can craft the Anatoline Dress in a wide variety of fabrics, including Tencel, crepe, tailored wool, double gauze, cotton, and linen, with an ideal weight of 250 to 350 grams. These fabric choices offer creative freedom, allowing every seamstress to customize her dress according to her style.  

This piece perfectly embodies the trends of the season, with its increasingly popular workwear style. The tailored waist, cutouts, and shirt collar make it an ideal outfit for work. Inspired by the Fall-Winter 2023-2024 fashion shows, the Anatoline Dress falls in line with the reimagined workwear by renowned brands. Runway shows from Miu Miu, Rokh, Luar, Saint Laurent, and Stella McCartney have all played a major role in redefining workwear for the upcoming season. Unique cuts, innovative textiles, and bold details characterize these collections, inspiring the style of the Anatoline Dress.  

By wearing the Anatoline Dress, you not only embrace the creativity and technicality of sewing but also stay on the cutting edge of fashion trends. This piece will quickly become a wardrobe staple, allowing you to radiate elegance and confidence on every occasion. Don't miss the opportunity to sew your own version of the Anatoline Dress and be part of the latest wave in couture fashion.

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